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Useful Websites - Computers & the Internet

These are the cream of the crop, and sites that we consider everyone should visit at least once. Many of them contain programs that we use routinely, making our internet life easier. Other sites are valuable simply because of the wealth of information available. Enjoy!

dot  Best Programs - Top Picks
dot  Computers & the Internet
dot  CService/Undernet
dot  Educational
dot  Hoaxes
dot  Information Services

dot  IRC Resources
dot  Mailing Lists
dot  Security and Protection
dot  Software/Utilities
dot  Trojan and Virus Information

Computers and the Internet

Buy Domains
Compatibility Issues for WinNT and Win2000 -- Comfirm whether or not software, hardware, or games are compatible with the WinNT and Win2000 Operating Systems
Drivers/DLL Files -- Drivers (Help available in Spanish, English, French, and German) -- Drivers for Win95/98 -- Drivers for Win95/98 -- DLL files for Win 95/98
Search Engines -- Ask Jeeves....sure, why not? -- AltaVista -- Excellent Site! Over 20 search engines listed on the one page. -- Google - Very good search utility. -- Dogpile - Another multiple search liting
Test your Modem Speed -- Modem Speed Test Page
Windows Tips and Tricks -- Windows 98 Tips and Tricks
Spell Checker -
     Spell Check Anywhere, helps to check spelling in all the windows programs.
Web Design
CometZone -- Have a website or weblog? CometZone has the tools you need to modify the appearance of the "arrow" cursor on your site or weblog to any of the 4,000+ images in the CometZone cursor content library.
Boogie Jack's Web Depot -- Superb site on Web Design (One of my personal favorites)
Tip a Day - Boogie Jack has put together a nifty little program that runs at startup of our computers. It features a daily tip for those involved in managing a web site or designing a web site. Even those just starting out will enjoy the compact tips, as well as Boogie Jack's unique writing style. Download it today!
100 Cool Webmaster Tips is a collection of some of the best tips from Boogie Jack's award winning ezine, Almost a Newsletter (AAN). Boogie Jack appeals to people because of his ability to keep the needs of the average reader in mind. Give it a try!


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