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#Beginner has some of the finest Ops and Voices on the Undernet, all working together to monitor the channel, teach the newcomers, and train new ops and voices. To get to where we are today, most of us started out as newbies just poking around, and found ourselves baffled by a colorful chat program called mIRC.

Through one way or another, we stumbled into #Beginner and found the channel to be full of energy, well-monitored, and best of all -- we were helped by the staff to learn more about Internet Relay Chat, or IRC. We liked the atmosphere, made friends, eventually learning enough to become an authorized assistant, or +V. After training and experience we moved up to the @, or Op position.

This particular section of the website contains references that are helpful to us as Ops/V's. We hope this information may also be helpful for someone managing other channels and needing general 'how-to' tips. Also available is a wide variety of information directly related to holding the @ in a busy channel.

Note: Some links are under construction -- new content added daily
Op/Voice Related Information

Being an Op in #Beginner
Being a +V in #Beginner
Basic Starter Files
  • Basic Op Commands
  • Basic Op Scripts
  • Aliases we Use (starter set)
  • Popups we Use (starter set)
  • Remotes we Use (starter set)
Op/Voice Benefits
Helpful Information


General IRC Information & Reference

Trojans, Viruses, Worms, Hoaxes
Technical Information
CService and the Undernet
  • Register a Username
  • Register a Channel
  • History of the Undernet
  • Documents of Interest

  • - Acceptible Use Policy
    - How to Connect to IRC
    - Undernet Primer
    - Undernet FAQ - 1
    - Undernet FAQ - 2
    - Original IRC Manual
    - Server Notice Masks
    - NoFlood Text
    - More Documents
  • URL's of Interest

Security Issues