Op/Voice Information .....

Op Responsibilities

OP Status: "Someone who keeps coming back to IRC even though they've been yelled at, cussed at, lagged out, flooded out, DCC bombed, goofed up, and even in trouble from time to time......But ALWAYS keeps on coming back 'home'.... haha"

Seriously, that's not quite what our job is all about (although it's close ;). We all count it an honor and privilege to be able to work with so many different people from all over the world. Where else can people from Australia and Canada become friends, while sitting in the comfort of their homeland. #Beginner prides itself on trying to maintain a family atmosphere, while providing help and chat to the hundreds of visitors we see daily. I've got the *Best* crew on the Undernet making that happen.

We are often asked how to become a +V or Op of #Beginner, and to summarize our philosophy, we look for people who are regulars with the following attributes:

  • Should be a regular #Beginner visitor
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have home connection
  • Enjoys chatting with newcomers (friendly and outgoing)
  • Enjoys learning new tips about their IRC clients
  • Is willing to share knowledge (cordially) with others
If joining our crew is something you might enjoy, please take a few minutes to read a little bit about our Voice Program, or +V position. This is where all our training takes place.

While wearing the @ in #Beginner is certainly a lot of fun, we do have some responsibilities too. We are required to be familiar with our IRC client. For most of us that means having a pretty good understanding of mIRC. We study, read the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions), practice, and devote ourselves towards the upkeep of #Beginner. We also have a set of Op/V Rules, which we follow. We all have a working email account, and look forward to the weekly #B Updates that bossmom sends out, as well as the monthly #Beginner Newsletter that mrswidgit sends out.

The channel itself is setup with the Ops earning various levels throughout their time with us. For instance, here is how we are currently setup:

Level 500 @/Op Channel Manager
Level 450 @/Op Administrators - trusted by the Channel Manager to assist with any and all channel business
Level 400 @/Op Sr. Operators - help with the day-to-day maintenance of the channel ranks.
Level 300 @/Op Reliable and trustworthy Ops who's dedication towards #B is to be commended.
Level 200 @/Op Reliable and trustworthy Ops who have devoted time and energies towards #B on a regular and long-term basis.
Level 100 @/Op Signifies a Trusted and Valuable Member of the @ Ranks.
Level 75 @/Op Those that have graduated out of the Helper Op status -- they've continued to proceed through their training and are considered reliable and competent @'s.
Level 50 @/Op Helper Op status for those who have completed the basic requirements of our +V Program.
Level 25 - +V's +V's are our Helpers in Training. They are official members of our ranks. They have +/V access with both X and Oddjob, they are required to attend a minimum of [4] +V Classes, and it's expected that they will continue to learn more about IRC and their IRC client before being considered for the Level 50 Helper Op status.

Please snag me (bossmom) online or write me if you have any other questions. While my time on IRC is usually very busy, I consider it a privilege to meet new people, and will always try to help you if I can.

If you'd like to read what CService has written about being a Channel Operator, please download this file or you can visit their website for more Channel Op Information.

For the technical guru's, you will enjoy this document, IRC Command Cosmos. This is an Advanced Guide to IRC Commands, and while it might take you just a wee bit of time to get through, the information is very interesting.