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Just for Fun.....


For those times when we need some reassurance for our soul, comfort for our hearts, and inspiration for our spirits, relax and read some of these items. They are refreshing and uplifting. Enjoy!

Prayer for the Day:

Dear Lord,
So far today,
God, I've done alright.
I haven't gossiped,
haven't lost my temper,
haven't been greedy,
grumpy, nasty, selfish,
or over-indulgent.
But in a few minutes, God,
I'm going to get out of bed, and
from then on I'm probably going
to need a lot more help.

Thank You. Amen

Mothering and Children
  • Handprints
  • Love in the Home
  • This Child of Mine
  • If I Could Raise My Children Over Again
  • Daily Living
  • Perseverence
  • A Beautiful Prayer
  • I Am the New Year
  • ASAP
  • God Answers our Struggles
  • Christian Alphabet
  • A New Day Will Dawn
  • Things I've Learned
  • You Are Special
  • Is Your Hut Burning?
  • And God Said
  • Butt Prints in the Sand
  • Your Life is a Garden
  • Strong Woman vs. Woman of Strength
  • Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Noah's Ark
  • All I Need to Know About Life I Learned From My Bible
  • Inspirational Websites
  • Directory of Sites

  • Disclaimer: These items have come to me through various sources. I have included the author's name whenever possible. If you wrote any of these and would like credit, please write me with your name and the title of the article.

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