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Card Trick
IQ Test

Name: Battleship Download
File Info: Freeware (200kb)
Just like the boardgame 'Battleship', except in this game, you play the computer. You mark your battleships on the screen, and it's a race to the end to see who can sink the other person's battleships first.

Name: Brain Download
File Info: Freeware (1.15MB)
Aaaahhhhh.....left-brained, right-brained...do YOU know which side of your brain you tend to use the most? This is a very kewl program. Questions are asked of the player, then at the end you are given a summary of whether you are 'right-hemisphered' or 'left-hemisphered', as well as a detailed description of your strengths and weaknesses. I did it, and it was uncanny just how close it came to how I view myself. (and no, I'm not saying it was all good news *grin* But it was sure a lot of fun)

Name: Card Trick Download
File Info: Freeware (197kb)
Can you guess the trick? ;-)

Name: Facetoons Download
File Info: Freeware (817kb)
Your kids will love this! Imagine how the game Mr. Potato Head worked. This is similar in that there are pieces of fruit, and alongside are animated eyes, ears, mouths, etc. I imagine an adult might enjoy this for a few minuntes -- not that I would personally know about that, nope, uh-huh.

Name: Gecko Download
File Info: Freeware (76kb)
The mighty mighty gecko, which card is he hiding under? This game involves three cards whizzing around, with a gecko lizzard hidden underneath one of them. Your goal is to keep your eyes on the gecko's card. (Harder than it sounds)

Name: Hangman Download
File Info: Freeware (59kb)
Remember when we were kids, and would play hangman with a pencil and piece of paper? This looks just like that! And is waaaaayyy fun. The goal of hangman is to guess the letters of a word. For every wrong letter you guess, a stick figure is drawn -- and if too many letters are guess wrong, the figure gets the noose.

Name: IQ Test Download
File Info: Freeware (530kb)
A game of Questions and Answers which helps to (supposedly) determine our IQ. I haven't tried it yet -- guess I'd rather not have my bubble popped :)

Name: Simon Download
File Info: Freeware (200kb)
Memory Booster -- listen to the sounds and try to copy them back.

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