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Christmas Lights
Christmas Tree

Face Toons
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Stress Reducer

Name: Angel ScreenMate Download
File Info: Freeware - 247 kb
Heavenly angels floating around your desktop...sound inviting? Give it a try. Just use your Alt + Ctrl + Del key to quit the program.

Name: Bonus Download
File Info: Freeware - 96 kb
Are you the boss? Do you have workers needing a raise? This is the ticket...just send this to them, and keep them happy.

Name: Brain Test Download
File Info: Freeware - 1.15 MB
This program takes about 10 minutes to run through about 30 questions. At the end, you will be given a summary of your brain aptitudes -- along with commentary on whether you are right-hemisphered or left-hemisphered, and what those strengths mean to you. Very Interesting!

Name: Christmas Lights Download
File Info: Freeware - 28 kb
Tis the season to be jolly...fa la la la la...la la la la. If you're in the mood for some flash and dance, run this file for some eye-catching blinkers. They turn off through an icon in your taskbar.

Name: Christmas Tree Download
File Info: Freeware - 1.84 MB kb
Wonderful program, enchanting! Kids will love it. :)

Name: Facetoons Download
File Info: Freeware (817kb)
Your kids will love this! Imagine how the game Mr. Potato Head worked. This is similar in that there are pieces of fruit, and alongside are animated eyes, ears, mouths, etc. I imagine an adult might enjoy this for a few minuntes -- not that I would personally know about that, nope, uh-huh.

Name: IQ Test Download
File Info: Freeware - 53kb
There are questions to be answered here, and supposedly the results will be a fairly accurate determination of our IQ. I haven't tried this yet, but will do it soon....maybe I'm afraid of the answer :)

Name: Orange ScreenMate Download
File Info: Freeware - 357 kb
Revenge of the Oranges! Oh...I think that might've been the title of a bad movie. In this case, oranges run silently in the background, performing a variety of antics.

Name: Sheep ScreenMate Download
File Info: Freeware - 351 kb
Mary had a little lamb, and left her sheep behind to run around your screen. They are cute, somewhat annoying :), but nonetheless, my kids love them.

Name: Stress Reducer Download
File Info: Freeware - 1.28MB
Having a bad day? Feeling stressed? Computer giving you fits? Try this out, it just might help :)

Name: Turkey ScreenMate Download
File Info: Freeware - 37 kb
*Gobble* *Gobble .... enjoy one turkey, or more -- wobbling around your screen.

Name: TopCat ScreenMate Download
File Info: Freeware - 37 kb
Here kitty kitty.... these silly cats follow your mouse around, and is another of those kewl for kids (but annoying for adults) programs. However, it would be a nice diversion if you were having troubles staying awake at the keyboard.

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