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The Undernet - History and Resources Available

The Undernet is the name of the group of servers that our #Beginner uses. There are many groups of servers, such as Efnet or Dalnet; however, the Undernet has a well-deserved reputation of having the friendliest IRCops, very good Channel Service Admin and Ops, as well as the best help channel on any net. ;-)

Visit the Undernet Website to sample some of the help they offer. You can check on incoming channel registration requests by clicking on the Channel Service link. We use this site to check on our bot (X) bans, and I often visit this site to view the current status of the #Beginner Ops. If you'd like to learn more about the Channel Manager of any channel, this is the place to go.

While the Undernet is the group of servers that we chat on through #Beginner. #Cservice is the channel that handles the matters of X, the bots that provide channel services for the Undernet. #Cservice is a valuable resource, and the place to go if you have questions about registering a channel, the status of your channel registrations, and of course, any and all questions about the bots X functions and commands.

The Undernet has a committee called the User Committee which helps us in many other ways

-- Weekly classes called #class are held and taught by volunteers. Visit their Class Webpage where you can download a log (copy of the class notes).

-- Classes for Ops are offered in #opschool regarding the use of X. A log of this is also available at the above-listed site.

-- Several files are offered through a bot called UnderBot.
You can type /msg underbot files (and follow the instructions).

-- Additional help information is offered through a bot called HelpBot.
You can type /msg helpbot help (and follow the instructions).

The Undernet also offers a wide range of documents through the Documents Committee Site. Check it out sometime, they offer exceptionally good documents describing a wide range of topics.

Read in great detail more about Undernet's History, or read the original version at the Undernet History site.