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We have put together many tutorials to cover a wide range of IRC-related subjects. Maybe one of them might have the information you are looking for. We've also put together a page on the Most Often Asked Questions we see in #Beginner. And as always, if we haven't covered it, send an email and we will do our best to answer your questions.

For Tutorials in Spanish, visit here: Spanish IRC Tutorials

Tutorial Listing

  • Abbreviations - What does bbl, brb, yw, afk, lol (and more) mean?
  • Adult Education Class - Basic How-to's of IRC
  • Aliases - Shortcut commands we type to play out a longer line. Confused? You won't be after you read this.
  • Channels - Ok, you're on IRC, now where do you go? Maybe this will help.
  • Colors Tutorial - How to create colorful text
  • Emoticons - :) ;) 0:-) silly stuff :)
  • Etiquette - What to do....What not to do -- to enjoy your time on IRC.
  • IRC Tips - Frequently Asked Questions
  • IRC Commands - Basic command lines we use often during our time on IRC. Good resource for the beginner.
  • IRC Glossary - Definition of frequently used terms found on IRC
  • IRC Tips - Basic Tips to give you a Boost as you start out
  • mIRC Setup - Starting mIRC for the first time
  • mIRC Commands - Huge listing of the majority of mIRC's commands.
  • PIRCH Setup - Starting PIRCH for the first time
  • Popups - Commands we click on with our mouse to play out a longer line. Excellent tutorial.
  • Remotes - Nooo...not a trip to the remote Sahara Dessert, but instead, a look into scripting side of mIRC.
  • Security - We must be smart about our online habits, even on IRC
  • Sounds Tutorial - How to listen, How to play, Why we listen, and some tunes to get you started
  • Trojans/Viruses/Worms - What? You've never heard of these? Check it out, you will be GLAD you did!
  • Undernet - History of the Undernet (the group of servers our #Beginner is located on), as well as many resources.