IRC Information.....

Introduction to mIRC

mIRC Icon You have downloaded yourself a copy of the latest mIRC, correct? If not, you can get a copy from the mIRC Homepage  Once it is downloaded, there will be a mIRC setup icon on your desktop (or possibly in a yellow folder), but it will look like the one to the right of this paragraph. Go ahead and double-click on this, and let it install itself to your computer's harddrive. Accepting all the defaults it sets will work just fine.

mIRC Icon Once mIRC is installed, you will have a colorful mIRC icon on your desktop to click on to startup your program. As you venture into new territory and actually start the program, one of the first windows you will see is one of Khaled Mardam-Bey. It's a welcome screen, and will disappear once you register your copy of mIRC. The fee is only $20, and WELL worth it!

You can close down the welcome screen by clicking on the X in the upper right-hand corner, and you are now ready to fill in some basic information needed by mIRC so that we can use the program.

The first window you'll see will look similar to this:

mIRC Screen Shot - First Window

I know, it looks eerie the first time we see this :) Let's look at the first item we need to select, the "IRC Servers"

mIRC Screenshot

A server is basically a computer with software (program) that allows us to join up with others using the same services. As you'll see, there are probably close to 350 servers listed, from locations all over the world. Don't worry, it's not as confusing as it looks. They are broken down into groups: Efnet, Dalnet, Starlink, Undernet, etc. Each group of servers is it's own little community, or neighborhood, meaning that each group of servers has it's own group of channels, it's own rules, and there ARE differences between different nets.

You'll need to decide which group of servers you'd like to join, then pick a particular server you'd like to join. Our #Beginner is located on the Undernet group of servers. Now, you'll notice that there are a lot of Undernet servers. It's generally best to pick a server closest to your location. Once connected to a server, then we'll be able to join a channel. A channel is the actual place (AOL calls them rooms) where chats occur. One thing to remember, all of the Undernet Servers are interconnected with all of the Undernet Channels (this means that you can join any of the Undernet Servers to reach any of the Undernet Channels).

Remaining Items to Fill In...


Full Name:
Hint: Nobody needs to know your real name. In fact, it's best to not give out any personal information until you've gotten to know folks better. (And even then, use caution). Just use anything in here. Most people usually put something humorous in this spot, or a quote -- anything but our real names :)

E-Mail Address:
Tip: it's not necessary to put your actual real e-mail addy here. You can list whatever you want. Nothing that I have listed here is correct information.

This is the fun part. People pick names based on a wide variety of reasons. My nickname is bossmom (mom to 10 kids...seemed appropriate).

It's a good idea to have a backup nick, just in case someone else is using your first choice. There is no nick ownership on the Undernet, so it's a first-come, first-serve.

We're ready for the next step! Joining IRC :)

Connecting to IRC

mirc screenshot Connect to Server:
This is what you'll click on each time to join up with others also using IRC. This connection means that your ISP is dialing into this server (computer), and if there's enough connections available, you'll get connected. If not, you'll get an error message, so just pick a different server. Keep trying until you see the MOTD, or Message of the Day, of the server. It will usually fly by faster than you can read it. The good news is that you are now ready to join a channel when you see the following scroll by.

mirc screenshot


mirc screenshot

After you get logged on, normally a window will pop open with a listing of a few channels you may wish to join. You are free to choose one of them, or click off the window and type in your choice.

Note: We used to be able to list all of the available channels, but now there are just too many. You can type /raw list >5 (which will get you channels that have more than 5 people in them). With over 10,000 channels on the Undernet, you'll be able to find something towards your interests.

Let's Join a Channel

Since this IS the website for #Beginner, we will type /join #beginner. You should enter a very busy, lively, and exciting new time of learning. IRC presents many challenges to many people -- those needing to learn new skills, those maybe not able to make new friends easily...ALL can learn here, and can make IRC whatever they wish it to be. Happy Chatting, Everyone -- and Enjoy the Journey.........

Beginner Screenshot

This website can help you with many other areas of IRC. For additional instructions on understanding your mIRC program better, here are some Tutorials we've put together for you. Enjoy the learning!

  • Abbreviations - What does bbl, brb, yw, afk, lol (and more) mean?

  • Colors Tutorial - How to create colorful text

  • Emoticons - :) ;) 0:-) silly stuff :)

  • Etiquette - What to do....What not to do -- to enjoy your time on IRC.

  • FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions we see often in #Beginner

  • IRC Tips - Basic Tips to give you a Boost as you start out.

  • IRC Commands - Basic command lines we use often during our time on IRC. Good resource for the beginner.

  • mIRC Commands - Huge listing of the majority of mIRC's commands.

  • IRC Glossary - Definition of frequently used terms found on IRC

  • Aliases - Shortcut commands we type to play out a longer line. Confused? You won't be after you read this.

  • Popups - Commands we click on with our mouse to play out a longer line. Excellent tutorial.

  • Remotes - Nooo...not a trip to the remote Sahara Dessert, but instead, a look into scripting side of mIRC.

  • Channels - Ok, you're on IRC, now where do you go? Maybe this will help.

  • Security - We must be smart about our online habits, even on IRC

  • Sounds Tutorial - How to listen, How to play, Why we listen, and some tunes to get you started

  • Trojans/Viruses/Worms - What? You've never heard of these? Check it out, you will be GLAD you did!

  • Undernet - History of the Undernet (the group of servers our #Beginner is located on), as well as many resources.