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IRC Class - Basic IRC Commands

Just as you are able to surf the net with a few tricks to help make things easier, IRC is very similar. Below you will find some of the more common IRC commands that we use often. For a far more complete list, please visit our mIRC Commands page.

Type /join #channelname -- to join a channel of your choice
Example: /join #bossmom
What it looks like:
[18:44] *** Now talking in #beginner
--Op-- bossmom has joined the channel
[18:44] *** Topic is 'Beginner's Help/Chat Channel....All Are Welcome Here!! ой [ENGLISH]'
[18:44] *** Set by X on Sun Jul 23 16:10:34

The /me is an action message.
Type /me 'does anything'
Example: /me waves hello
What it looks like:
* bossmom waves hello

Type /msg nickname (message) to start a private chat.
Example: /msg puddytat Hey tat, how are you?
What it looks like:
-> *puddytat* Hey tat, how are you?

/nick changes your nickname
Example: type /nick newnickname (limit 9 characters)
What it looks like: I typed /nick luv2quilt
*** bossmom is now known as luv2quilt

A notice is used to send a short message to another person without opening up a private window.
Type /notice nickname (message)
Example: /notice badnick Please change your nickname for this family channel.
What it looks like:
-> -badnick- Please change your nickname for this family channel.
Type /part -- to leave one channel
Type /partall -- to leave all the channels you are in

Type /ping nickname. What this command does is give you the ping time, or lag time, between you and the person you pinged. Lag can be explained as the amount of time it takes for you to type your message and for others to read your messages. Unfortunately, lag is always a part of IRC, although most times it's not a problem, just a nuisance.
Example: /ping luv2quilt
What it looks like:
[19:04] -> [luv2quilt] PING
[19:04] [luv2quilt PING reply]: 0secs

Similar to the /msg, except it forces a window to pop open.
Type /query nickname (message)
Example: /query Sofaspud^ Sooo....what's new?
What it looks like:
<luv2quilt> soooo....what's new?

Type /quit to leave IRC altogether. This disconnects mirc from the server.
Example: /quit Going out for dinner...nite all
What it looks like:
*** Quits: saca (Leaving)

Unfortunately, there will be times when you don't want to talk to someone, or else someone may be harassing you.
By typing /ignore nickname 3, you will not receive anymore messages from that person.
Example: /ignore luv2quilt 3
To Unignore them, type /ignore -r luv2quilt 3
What it looks like:
*** Added *!*bossmom@* to ignore list
*** Removed *!*bossmom@* from ignore list

Type /whois nickname to see a bit more information about another user. You'll see what server another person is using, or what their ISP is. Pretty helpful when you don't recognize a nickname that wants to chat. You may recognize the IP, (Internet Protocol) and then feel more comfortable carrying on a conversation. You'll also be able to see what other channels a person is in, which might be a good indicator if you really want to talk with them or not.
Example: /whois bossmom
What it looks like:
luv2quilt is * Enjoy the Journey........
luv2quilt on @#bossmom
luv2quilt using the time for school is during a recession.
luv2quilt has been idle 18secs, signed on Sun Jul 23 18:47:26
luv2quilt End of /WHOIS list.

This opens up a DCC/CHAT window to another user. What's nice about these is that you can continue to chat even if you get disconnected from your server.
Word of Caution: Do NOT accept dcc/chats nor dcc/gets from anyone that you don't know.
Type /chat nickname.
Example: /chat oddjob^
What it looks like:
Chat with oddjob^
Waiting for acknowledgement...

There's one more very helpful command, and probably the one you'll use a lot when first starting out. In fact, I still use it quite a lot, and that's the built-in help menu of mIRC.
Type /help, you'll see the the mIRC Help Menu open up. You can do a search from there, or you can type /help topic. Either way, a TON of information at your fingertips.
Example: /help Basic IRC Commands

You are doing great so far. If you haven't yet read some Basic IRC Tips, I'd encourage you to take a peek, otherwise we are ready to setup your IRC client. Please choose one of the following clients you would like to learn:

Let's move on with the next step -- getting online with IRC :)