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Popups - What they are, and How to make them...
Written by Hobbit

Popup are the menus that appear when you right click with your mouse over a mirc window.


The main difference is that alias are written . I mean you type the order and your mirc execute a previously recorded command.

Example: I have this alias sentence stored in my alias file:
/hello /me says hello to all
So if I type /hello on a mirc window this sentence will appear
HOBBIT^ says hello to all

Well with your popup you use your mouse to do the same Action. With a right click of your mouse the popup menu will appear and you can select menu items which you have defined to perform certain tasks.

* MIRC EDITOR : Press alt+p and you will access your mirc editor on your popup section. You can also acess your popups mirc editor double clicking on the 6th icon from your left (versions 5.5 and higher) or if you go to Tools/Popups.

Let's check what is in there:

*File: It will help you to load, save and even determine the kind of font to use.

One important thing to know is that while you can have tons of aliases files , you only can have one popup file. Its your popup.ini .So if you load another file the previous one will disappear.

*Edit: It offers you options to cut and paste, and search routines

*View: Lets you select what popup you want to edit. There are different popup menus for different windows of mirc:

1- Status
2- Channel
3- Query / Chat
4- Nickname list
5- Menu Bar (appear under command)

That way you can store different kind of popup in those different views. For example those fun popup we all like so much can be stored in nickname list, and popup with general info for our users can be stored in channel view. We use menubar to store the commands to turn on and off our scripts, and in status we can store popups to find out info about nicks or channels, or also to authenticate or find out info from w/x. You can store your popups as you think its better for your needs .

*Popup: Shows an index of the current opened popup menu file.

* POPUP GRAMMAR: Popup have this format: 'menu-item': 'command'

Hello: /me says hello If we store this line in our popup channel view, and we right click on main channel window, Hello will appear There, clicking on it the next sentence will appear on main.

* HOBBIT^ says hello

We can organize our popup files in menus, submenus,

Subsubmenus.... . We use '.' fullstop for it. We do it this way:
Pink is the Menu
Teal is the Submenu
Orange is the Sub-SubMenu
Blue is the final item in the tier
. Hello:
..Hello1:/me says hello to all
..Hello2:/me tips her hat and says hello to all
. Bye:
..bye1:/me says bye bye to all
...nite1:/me says nite nite to all

To separate menu items , you can use a single '-' dash on a line By itself .

Now we can complicate things a bit , adding variables to our popup. For example, we can include a nick in our popup addressing the sentence to a user on channel. We use view nickname list for it , and we add $nick to the sentence.

Hello :/me says hello to $nick

To make it work we hilite the nick from the nick list in our channel , right click and hilite Hello .... voila it works!!! ;o)


As I said before we can only have one popup.ini file , and this one has limited capacity . So we have invented a little trick , we can store our popup files as remote files, a file format called .mrc. The only thing we need to do is address the file to the correct popup view. To do so we have to start the file with this format :

Menu (popupview){
Here go our popup lines
} (don't forget to close your brackets at the end of the file)
Here go some examples :

Menu status {
Join #beginner:/join #beginner
Menu channel {
ircfounder :
.ircfounder: /say IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, was first started in August of 1988, by jarkko
3-Menu nicklist {
.Smile:/me smiles at $$1
.hello:/me waves hello to $$1
Menu query {
.help1 :/say do u need any irc help ?
Menu menubar {
Quit IRC:
.me quit:/quit this hobbit has to go ..but it will be back soon cause can't stay longer without all of you.
.b00m:/quit *BOOM* nooo my computer nooooooooo!!!
.brb:/quit I'll brb

We can combine different menus in each remote file .This way we can have as many popup file as you need .

Hope this help you , see you in channel

See you in channel :o)