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What is a K:line?

It is a specific instruction added to a server's configuration file instructing the server NOT to allow a person, domain (Internet Service Provider) or even a country to connect to that specific server for access to Internet Relay Chat. K:Lines can be set for any amount of time determined by the server's administration.

Reasons for K:line:

Playing and enjoying Internet Relay Chat comes with responsibilities. We are expected to respect our ISP (Internet Service Provider), the Net we choose (Undernet in our case), the many servers we have to select from on Undernet, and the channels along with all our fellow users. Abuse such as running flood bots, cloning, and mass advertising will not be tolerated by Undernet and will result in a K:line

If you find you cannot connect to a server and get a message that tells you "clone abuse," "flood bots," "mass advertising" or other such descriptions, it is because a K:line has been set against you or your Internet Service Provider. Often many people suffer because one person has caused these problems and the server has K:lined your ISP. In most cases, this is the reason and you have done nothing to cause this problem.

Other Reasons for K:line:

Geographical: Sometimes countries will set limits on who is allowed to join their servers. In other words they consider it best if you use a server within your geographical location. Europeans should have the best connection possibilities if they use European servers. Americans should have better connections if using USA servers and so on. If you get a message telling you to "use a closer server," then there is a K:line against your geographical location using that specific server.

Network Topology

Another reason for server K:line would be some of the very large Internet Service Providers (such as AOL and AT&T) are not allowed on most servers. You would again be directed to use a server designated for your ISP.

What to do about K:line:

You or your ISP will need to email the servers administrators with an explanation as to why the K:line should be removed. If it is a case of abuse by you, then the administrators of the server will require assurance from your ISP that this will never happen again. This puts the responsibility squarely on you to respect this freedom or your Internet access surely will be removed for a very long time. You will be required to be responsible for the information needed by your ISP before they can contact the server's administrators. This information should include the message you receive when trying to connect and the email address of the server's administrator. To find an administrator's email address for a server, type /admin servername in the status screen. This will give you the information you need to email that specific server's administration.

Be advised that if the K:line is because of Geographical or Network Topology, you stand little chance of getting it changed. These decisions are made for the best overall service for all networks and connections.