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What is G:Line?

A G:line is different from a K:Line because it is network-wide global ban. It is held in memory somewhat like a ban in the bot X until its time expires. It is used to ban a person, domain or country from all servers on a network. It can also be used to ban servers from a network. The duration of G:Lines can be set for any length of time according to the type of problem, but most often is set for 2 hours. G:Lines are used in cases of extreme abuse on Undernet.

What to do if G:lined:

If you find you are G:Lined from Undernet Servers, then it means either YOU or someone using the same Internet Service Provider as you has been G:Lined. Some of the reasons for G:Line bans are denial of service attacks, repeat cloning, advertising, mass messaging and flooding.

The good thing is that a G:Lined will probably only be for two hours, except for extreme repeat offenders. You can usually wait that time out rather than trying to email the server's administration. It is very unfortunate that the innocents suffer from these bans, but it is an effective and necessary method of control against those who engage in these actions.

If you are the person G:Lined, then you should be sure to see the message from the server as to why you are banned. Then go to this website: and study the information about the rules and conduct for users. You may also email to ask for more information and be sure to include the complete message from the server about your ban. Email:

If your Internet Service Provider is G:Lined, then you need to talk to its administration. A ban on your ISP is usually placed because they have a history of not dealing with abusive clients. (I personally had this happen to me. I spent two weeks trying to get a ban lifted and could not. My ISP had been warned by servers and the ISP continued to allow the abusive client access to service. I finally had to change my ISP, because the ban was NOT lifted.)

Most ISP's will usually listen to their clients and try to discontinue service of the abusive user. If not, then hopefully you have the choice of changing to another ISP. Use this address: to protest a G:Line. Send the complete information you see at the time you try to connect, so they can properly identify the abuser. Your ISP should also use this address to contact Undernet for more information about the abuser that the G:Line ban is set against.