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Question: Yes, please... I've registered some one else's nick name and i regret, but don't want to accept that I did it... is there any way to "unregister" that nick??? didn't know who to ask...

Answer by Weta:

I only use Undernet and Undernet does not allow you to register a nick. Undernet allows you to register an X Username -- this will expire in 60 days if you don`t use it. However an X Username should not be a problem for your friend.

You can register nicks on dalnet however is this what you have done?

In this case you could ask for help in Dalnet's #Beginner. I did and they said type /nickserv help drop. Apparantly you can drop that nick but it will be permanent. They also said if you do not use the nick for 30 days the registration would expire.

I would suggest you ask for help in the #beginner of the network you registered the nick on.


Answer by Weta:

Hi :) Good news IRC is available for macintosh computers. There are several clients available. The two most popular clients are Ircle and snak. Here is a site that reviews them, http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/mac/, and here is the snak home page http://www.snak.com. Snak is probably the most supported and up-to-date client available at this time.

Question: Hi. People are always making me say things which i don't want to! or even join channels or disconnect even if i did nothing. Its like they have power over my mirc... They said something about closing ctcp or something but they didn't want to tell me what to do so they could continue fooling around.

Answer by Weta:

Hi :) You have typed a command that another user has shown you. This is never a good idea unless you know and trust the other person. Some people you can trust are @ops in help channels like #beginner or the virus help channels #vh #nohack etc.

Fortunately I think the problem will be fairly simple to fix/remove. My guess is that you have typed a line similar to one of these below.

//write cmz.mrc (code removed to prevent others from using it)


//write -c x ctcp 1:*:?:$1 (code modified to prevent others from using it)

This has loaded a little ctcp script into your remote scripts section of IRC and this is allowing anybody to control you.

To gain immediate control of your mIRC you type /ctcps off, this will prevent them triggering the script. You also really need to remove the script so I`ll show you how to do this.

You start your mIRC program. You do not have to connect to a server. See the seventh icon from the left (It has ce and 2 red dots. If you type /ctcps off the dot below the c will go white.) This icon is your remote script icon. Click it and a window will open. In this window is shown the script editor where you can enter scripts. Click view in this window and you will get a list of loaded scripts. Usually the first on the list is script.ini and it is usually empty. You select the script you want to view by clicking its name on the view drop down box. The selected script will be shown in the editor window. Now if I am right look at each script untill you find 1 that just says this in the editor (it may be called anything )- ctcp 1:*:?:$1. The wording may not be exactly this but very similar.

Having got this displayed click file and click unload. Alternativly you may just delete that line within the editor. Either way will work. You may then click ok to close the script editor.

You may now type /ctcp on to restore your irc ctcps and the dot below the c on the remote icon will turn red.

If you have any trouble with this join #beginner on undernet and ask an @operator to help you in private. Tell the operator you need help removing a remote script and why.

Remember NEVER write commands given to you by people you don`t know and trust. Hope this helps

Question: This last weekend i bought myself a new puter. I was running win98 now i have upgraded to XP. My problem is that when i try to connect to a server i am told there is no ident responce. I have tried using both/either pirch and mirc and had their ident servers turned on in the usual manner but to no avail. I have been trying several servers over a couple of days and still no luck....below is a cut and paste of what i get:

Attempting to connect to McLean.VA.US.Undernet.Org on port 6667
WinSock 2.0
Local Host is ATHOMEUSER
IP : Port: 3090
IP : Port: 6667
*** Looking up your hostname
*** Checking Ident
*** Found your hostname
*** No ident response
Too many insecure sites in this netblock.
Closing Link: Riesel by Amsterdam2.NL.EU.undernet.org (K-lined)
*** Disconnected ***

i hope you are able to help me

Answer by Weta:

This help applies to windows XP and mIRC and I hope it is useful.

First of all in the above attemt to connect you were disconnected by the server because your Ip address is K-lined, this means your address is banned on that server, probably due to too many troublemakers from your isp causing the server problems. Don`t take it personally I`m K-lined on several servers 2, just keep letting mIRC cycle through the server list till you find one that you are not k-lined on.

Not sending an ident response is also no reason to be disconnected from irc many people don`t, all that happens is that you see a ~ (tilde) before their userid in their /whois ibfo for example I would appear as weta ~anonymouse@weta.users.undernet.org instead of weta anonymouse@weta.users.undernet.org. Having no ident response however may interfere with your ability to DCC ( send/recieve files chat via DCC so..... My guess is that you have a firewall preventing you sending an ident response either a third party firewall or the built in windows XP firewall so here are a couple of sites to visit for help (I presume you are not on a network as this can also cause similar problems) http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/security/fwfaq.html and specifically this link off the above for windows xp firewall http://www.mishscript.de/ircguide/appb1.htm

Hope this solves your problem

Question: how can i download and instal mirc faq? and how can i stop the virus in mirc!?

Answer by Weta:

Hi :) To start with i`ll take the second part first. At our website we have a section devoted to this topic the url is : http://www.ircbeginner.com/opvinfo/trojan-virus.html#besafe. Read this and remember NEVER click on sites that people advertise on IRC and NEVER accept files from people you do not know and trust, and cancel/ignore dcc sends.

As for mIRC FAQ there is our website www.ircbeginner.com A downloadable version is available @ http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/mirc/ Instruction to use it are on that web page hope this helps :)

Question: My son has this program on my computer and does not want to allow his younger sister to go in under his name although her name is registered. They both have different accounts so is it possible to download the program to her account on the same computer?

Answer by Weta:

Hi yes it is no problem at all to have multiple copies of mIRC on the same computer. If you still have the original install file on your computer (the latest is mIRC61.exe) then run it and when it prompts you where you want to install mIRC (default is C:\Program Files\mIRC61) just type in a new destination folder (say C:\Program Files\AnnesIRC) Anne is just a name for example. Untick the boxes below this (backup existing files, keep existing settings, .. you may or may not want to make a shortcut.) A fresh copy of mIRC will be installed in the specified folder. (If you made a shortcut on the desktop you may want to right click on it and rename it to save confusion.) Now I don`t use seperate accounts on my computer but I guess you have to have logged on to your daughters account when you perform the above install and the folder that it is installed in will be accessable by her. If you don`t have the original install file it is avaialable free @ www.mirc.com Further it is possible to password protect an mIRC to prevent another person using it however showing the kids how to do this may cause problems with one locking the other out of their own prog so make sure both can lock their own, however F.Y.I. this option is available in mIRC Options\General\lock in mIRC6.03 and Options\Other\lock in mIRC6.1 To use this got to the lock option and tick the ask on startup and hit the lock button you will be prompted to enter and confirm a password, the next time the mIRC is started it won`t work if the correct password is not supplied. I don`t reccommend this but some use it. Hope this helps if you need more help/info please mail me at the above address. weta

Question: yah... actually i havent tried chatting with your mirc since i downloaded it... its a problem actually... i tried to follow the instructions on how to go bout it, but it wasnt working... i always get the msg. Unable to connect, (No route to host), everytime i try to click on the connect to Irc servers... then it connect retry, then no route to host again... what could be wrong? i would be very glad if i get your response soon. thank you.

Answer by Weta:

Hi :) This message means that your mIRC has a problem going on the internet and finding a server. You would get this message if you unplugged your modem or had not allready connected to your internet service provider (dial up connection) Some other things that may cause this are a Firewall that will not allow mIRC onto the internet or similarly a local network or router that will not allow mIRC access to the internet. There are a few sites on the internet with help for these problems such as http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/networks/connectprob.html this one for router firewalls etc is a link off above http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/security/fwfaq.html also for help with windows XP firewall http://www.mishscript.de/ircguide/appb1.htm Unfortunately I don`t know anything about your network/connection/firewall so I can`t be more specific. You may also try connecting to another IRC network .. however I do not think this is your problem Sorry I can`t be more help. Please don`t hesitate to mail me if you have more questions/info. weta

Question: Do you have an irc that has pop ups for web tv users? Comments: Afriend is using this one but i cant seem to retrieve it GeoCities.comABCNECHT/IRCS/

Answer by Weta:

Hi :) I know absolutly nothing at all about web Tv and IRC however all is not lost because I entered web tv IRC in google and lo and behold i got heaps of sites back :) Here are some promising ones I hope you can get help off one of them. http://www.newircusers.com/webtv.html http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/8795/index.html http://sciastro.net/chat/

Question: i want to know how some peoples make drawing into the chat rooms??? using text key???? some one told that is asccii codes, but i dont know how the program is called???? they can draw big letters using simbols and even drawins like flores and animals, how they do that??? thank you

Answer by Weta:

Hi these things are generally made using pop ups and remote script. These are shorcuts that allow you to store work that you want to perform over and over again. The work is programmed in the mIRC script editor and saved there or in a text file and may be played by useg a pop up menu or from a text play program like mirc /playctrl or an add on like txplay60.mrc It is not really practical to tell you how to program this via a mail . You need to understand mIRC pop ups and how to make colours. You may get help on these topics at our site www.ircbeginner.com Channels on IRC also will help you with this subject I recommend #mirc_rainbow on the undernet IRC Hope this is some help. weta

Question: How can i be op in the particular channel?

Answer by Sungoddess:

Well it all depends are certain channel rules. In #beginner ops is not freely given out here. people stay, give help and after a while may (or may not) be given +v, and then they take op classes and after completion they may (or may not) be granted op status. But these are just our rules. In other channels you maybe could ask an @op there how you may be granted ops. You could also start your own channel by doing this: /join #channelname. Also check out the CService URL is http://cservice.undernet.org/ This will give you more info.

Question: do i have to pay for using the irc??

Answer by Sungoddess:

Oh my gosh paying for using irc?? I hope not or I will be broke! The only thing you need to pay for is you internet connection (dial-up, cable or dsl) mIRC can be downloaded freely and evaluated for 30 days. If you find that you like mIRC, and wish to continue using it after the evaluation period, you can pay to register it. Your registration will license you to use current and future versions of mIRC. However if you do not register it you can still use it.

Question: Yes, i tried downloading a file from someone and i got a message that read "you have a DCC pending, setup client to recieve transfer" then gives a time in seconds till timeout. How do i setup the client? What commands or actions do i need to take? The person is in the chat but the file wont start.

Answer by Weta:

Information on file serving can be found at this site: http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/security/warez.html. It is well worth the read.

Also Most D.C.C. Problems are caused by misidentified Local Host (either sender or reciever) To correct this go File/options/connect/ local info. Check On Connect Always get Local Host/server method, click OK. You will have to Disconnect from the I.R.C. server (/quit) and rejoin to reset this INFO with the server.

IRC is set up to ignore potentially dangerous file types automatically. In this case you may see a message in your status window such as DCC from (ip address) game.exe file type ignored If you trust that the file you want is not harmful You may type /dcc ignore off before the dcc is sent. In most cases the sender will have 3 minutes to initiate the send and providing it's accepted within this time and the transfer starts it will continue. The dcc ignore will automatically turn itself back on after 3 minutes however this and other settings can be adjusted in the DCC folders option. This may be accessed by pressing ALT+o or clicking the second Icon from the left(has a hammer on it) or selecting File/options.

In the options, investigate DCC, Dcc/options and Dcc/folders. I strongly advise against setting auto get as this will end up with you downloading a virus/trojan. Also I strongly advise Scanning all downloaded files with a good virus scanner BEFORE! opening/running them.

Files downloaded will be found in your mIRC directory\downloads folder unless its a sound file in which case they will go to your mIRC\sounds folder. Hope this helps

Question: How do you make you own sever/channel?

Answer by Weta:

To start a channel on undernet you simply type /join #channelname.

If the channel name is not already used you will form a new channel and you will be an @op there. If the channel name is already in use you will join a channel and you will find people are already in it.

To register a channel on undernet you need to go here: http://www.cservice.undernet.org/live/.

Here below the login box you will see a link to register for an X username. you need to register for a username BEFORE you can register a channel.

Having got an X username and logged onto the site you have a register a channel option. You may then fill in the forms following the instructions there. Help on this process is also available in #cservice on undernet.

If you are successful your channel will Get the X bot which will keep your channel open 24/7 and help with maintaining an extended banlist and controlling who has access to channel ops.

Question: Where can i find more informations about makin a undernet user, registering irc channels or how makin bnc's....tks!!!

Answer by Weta:

As far as having a bnc connection I went to www.google.com and typed in BNC and got 1.6 million hits. So i suggest you do the same. As I understand it you can download the program for the proxy at this site however I beieve you will need access to a Shell account to host your bnc. Here is a site to obtain the software required: http://bnc.ircadmin.net/

For information on registering a channel or a username, please read the answer provided here: channel registration. good luck

Question: How can I remove mIRC from my computer? It always starts up when I reboot my system.

Answer by Weta:

I assume that you did not download and install mIRC onto your computer. If you can't go to control panel and Add/Remove Programs and Uninstall the mIRC program as normal, then I suspect this is bad news.

Unfortunately I think that you have got a virus version of IRC. However, having said that it's bad news, this type of virus is not harmful to your computer or files, etc.

What happens is you get this program planted on your computer by a hacker or by visiting a website that hides malicious code on their page. Just by viewing the page your computer gets the files downloaded onto your computer.

This is possible because of security holes in Windows Internet Explorer. To prevent this it is important to always visit the Windows Update site and download all the Critical Update Packages that become available from time to time.

These virus attempt to connect to IRC, join chat rooms and they proceed to advertise the malicious website to all that attempt to chat with you.

To remove this I suggest that you get a good up-to-date antivirus program. If you don't want to purchase such a program you can always get a free online virus scan at one of the following sites. These programs take a while to run but they will detect and remove most virus.

I recommend one of these two sites:

To keep your Windows up to date with the latest security patches visit this site regularly: http://www.windowsupdate.com. There is a shortcut to this on your windows start menu.

Question: I have followed the procedures carefully and repeatedly on how to first set it up. All I get is a message that says "Unable to connect to IRC server". I suspect my Linksys router with NAT may play a role in this, most likely a setting that I need to change. Are there any particular tips you could help me with on the settings for my router? I know it uses NAT and private IP's and I also have WAN requests disabled for security. I am running WinXP Home with the firewall disabled, I have an excellent antivirus program (Panda Titanium) and ample power under my hood.

Answer by Weta:

I suspect that you know a lot more about computers and networks than I do, however I've a useful site for such problems.

In your circumstances it is usually necessary to enable the correct ports for IRC to use on your router: http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/networks/connectprob.html

In particular this link off that page may be just what you are looking for as lynksys routers wan's nat's are all discussed. http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/security/fwfaq.html.

Good luck. hope you find what you`re looking for here.

Question: I'm a beginner and I have already download the mirc but I'm not able to connect and to join. It alwayssays "Unable to resolve server" or "connection timed out". Please help me, I don't know what to do.

Answer by Weta:

Hi, if you have not seen our website help on connecting it may pay to have a look at: http://www.ircbeginner.com/ircinfo/mirc.html. This is a good illustrated guide to getting connected.

Otherwise, several things may be causing this problem. You may be using a firewall -- either a third pary one or the one provided in Windows XP. You may be on a network or behind a router.

If the problem is not on one of the above then this website may be of some help: http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/networks/connectprob.html, in particular this link off that page. http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/security/fwfaq.html.

Also, you may be trying to connect to an IRC network that is having problems with denial of service such as Dalnet. If you are trying to connect to Dalnet you can try select a different network using the connect options dialog that pops up when you start IRC (this is illustated at our website page I mentioned above) try select Undernet and allow your IRC to automatically cycle through the server till it finds one to connect to. It pays to try to connect to a server that is close to you, but it is not essential. I think the Canadian undernet servers are at the top of the list anyway. I hope this helps.


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