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Introduction to Colors

With both mIRC and PIRCH, we have the ability to type different colors from a palette of 16 colors. By incorporating colors into our text, our writing turns from plain black to something like this...

R a i n b o w    o f    b r i g h t    c o l o r s !

Pretty kewl, eh? Once you master a few short commands, you too will be typing a rainbow of colors. Let's look at the various commands.

  • Control + K is used for colored text
  • Control + B is used for Bold test
  • Control + U is used for underlined text
  • Control + R is used for reverse text *
  • Control + I is used for italics text **
  • Control + O returns your text back to plain black
* Note: PIRCH interprets the Ctrl + R as italics.
** Note: mIRC doesn't see the italics of PIRCH, but ignores the styled text

Now, let's look at those one-by-one.

Control + K (that is your Ctrl key on your keyboard + the letter K key, clicked on at the same time) PLUS a number from 1-16 will give you the colored text. Here are the numbers and their corresponding colors:

1 - Black
2 - Navy Blue
3 - Green
4 - Red
5 - Brown
6 - Purple
7 - Olive
8 - Yellow
9 - Lime Green
10 - Teal
11 - Aqua Light
12 - Royal Blue
13 - Hot Pink
14 - Dark Gray
15 - Light Gray
16 - White

If I want to type a word in royal blue (number 12), then I am going to click on my Ctrl + K, then type 12, then type message. (Note: When you click on your Ctrl + K key, a little black line will appear which will look similar to this:   .

Example: Ctrl + K12Happy Coloring! -- Happy Coloring!.

Tip: If you want to stop the next word from being colorized, then click on the Ctrl + 0, this halts anymore colors.

How about typing with Background Colors?

We are going to use the same format, only this time, we will use two numbers, separated by a comma. The 1st number is the print color, the 2nd number is the background color. For the previous example, I used this:

Ctrl + K8,4Background Colors -- Background Colors

Here's a more detailed explanation: Ctrl + K(text/yellow),(background/red)Message

We can mix and match these commands too, so you could have a word that is bold, underlined, AND a rainbow of colors.

  • Ctrl + B for BOLD could also be BOLD
  • Ctrl + U for Underlined could also be Underlined
  • Ctrl + R and colors could also be reverse

Have a great time colorizing your text. Please be sure to stop by in #Beginner if we can be of any further assistance.

If you'd be interested in playing around with a color script, Alk has put together a Color Scriptfor mIRC users that can be loaded up into your Alias section. You will need to open up the file to see the shortcuts. Once you've done that, and practiced a little bit, you can then write in color hundreds of different ways.

For our PIRCH users, you can download This zip file includes a PIRCH pil and a cterm.txt explaining how to work the script. Unzip to your PIRCH directory.

Please keep in mind, many IRC channels disallow the use of colors, and even in #Beginner, we ask that our newcomers, ops, and voices, keep the color usage to a minimum so that we don't confuse the newcomers too much. We should also remember that those clients without color capabilities (some Linux clients, for instance) will see all our color codes and numbers, and the resulting text is almost impossible to read.