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Directions for Setting up mIRC for AOL Customers
-- ONLY for those with Windows 95
by F1Pilot

Update Notice (8/13/2000) by Marbles

Note: If you are using AOL 5.0 or up, you will NOT need the instructions listed below. You will already have everything you need to run mIRC 5.71 or higher. I also would suggest AOL users NOT use their screen names for their user IDs, email addy, etc., because it can cause unwanted mail, etc. Most folks can get onto the Undernet by any of the United States Servers unless of course AOL has been k-lined from that server. The washington.dc one is usually the easiest one for AOL'ers to get on, and the Dallas one isn't too bad either. European servers usually have AOL banned as do most of the channels that speak other languages. Good Luck!

On with the AOL Tutorial for those still using Windows 95.

  1. You need to have at least v2.5 or later of AOL. (Check to make sure by selecting Help from your menu bar, then About. If you have an earlier version, keyword (control + K) UPGRADE, get the latest version.)

  2. Make sure you have installed AOL's winsock.dll. (If you do not have the AOL winsock loaded, keyword WINSOCK, read and follow the instructions for installing. IMPORTANT: Note that the AOL winsock is 16-bit. Also note that AOL users cannot use the Trumpet winsock/dialer and mIRC: Trumpet is not compatible with AOL.

  3. Download mIRC. The latest version of mIRC is 5.71, and it is available in 16-bit (mirc571s.exe) and 32-bit (mirc571t.exe). AOL users MUST use the 16-bit version of mIRC (because mIRC is a winsock program, and the AOL winsock is a 16-bit winsock).

  4. You can download the file here mirc571s.exe, or by typing keyword SOFTWARE. You can also visit the mIRC homepage
    The mIRC web site is loaded with great information about mIRC - including the latest news on mIRC, new versions, bug fixes, fun mIRC tricks, how to use mIRC's tools, the mIRC FAQ, and basically, everything about mIRC :)) - as well as general information about IRC, including an introduction for new users, addresses of new servers, suggestions of channels to try, and much more!

  5. Install mirc571s.exe simply by doubleclicking on it. mIRC's installation program will automatically extract and install mIRC for you - you don't need to do a thing!

  6. Now you have to configure mIRC. Log onto AOL as usual.

    • After you are connected, minimize AOL and doubleclick on your new mIRC icon (created in the previous step) to start mIRC.
    • Open the mIRC setup window (FILE, then SETUP). Here, you need to enter some information.
    • Choose the IRC Servers tab and enter the following:
    • Real Name: Your AOL screen name
    • E-Mail: Your email address
    • Nick Name: Enter a one- to nine-character nickname by which you will be known on IRC
    • Alternate: If someone is already using the nick you have chosen, mIRC will use this alternate instead.
    • Now select the Identd tab. Put a checkmark in the Enable Identd Server box.
    • Your userID should already be filled in, but if it is not, enter the first part of your email address (the part before the @).
    • Now go back to the IRC Servers tab. AOL users must log onto an AOL server. At this time, AOL users have two options: (this server connects to EFnet, it's in the mIRC server list under EFnet: US, America Online) (this server connects to Undernet, it's listed in the mIRC server list as Undernet: US, WA, Washington)

    • Yes, unlike AOL, IRC has more than one network, and these networks are separate! (Another AOL server will be linking soon to IRCnet. Try checking the network list for an updated list of servers and their addresses.)
    • Select one of these IRC servers by highlighting it, and click Connect. This will store all of the settings you have just entered. You don't need to enter this information again.

    That's all there is to it. Congratulations, and welcome to IRC. :)

    Don't forget that mIRC is shareware. Try it for 30 days -- if you like it, then register your copy. The small registration fee allows the author to further develop this IRC client, and also supports the web pages and mIRC FAQ. If you do not wish to register but enjoyed using mIRC during the 30-day trial period, download one of the older freeware versions (mIRC 4.1 or earlier).