IRC Information.....

Abbreviations Commonly Used on IRC
Contributed by Sofaspud

afkaway from the keyboard
asapas soon as possible
bblbe back later
bbsbe back shortly
brbbe right back
bbiabbe back in a bit
bbiafbe back in a few
bbfnbye bye for now
btwby the way
ctccare to chat?
cyasee ya
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
foclfalling off chair laughing
fwiwfor what it's worth
fyifor your information
gmtaGreat Minds Think Alike
icI see
imoin my opinion
imhoin my humble opinion
iowin other words
irlin real life
j/kjust kidding
ltnslong time no see
ltslaughing to self
lollaughing out loud
lylove you
motdmessage of the day
n/pno problem - np also used
oicOh, I see
otohon the other hand
reRE hi or RE hello
roflrolling on floor laughing
roflmaorolling on floor laughing my arse off
SAHMstay at home mom
slmMuslim greeting
tafnthat's all for now
ttyltalk (type) to you later
ttystalk (type) to you soon
wbwelcome back
wfmworks for me
wtgway to go
WYSIWYGwhat you see is what you get

Typically, these abbreviations are used in lower case. When you see them in UPPER CASE, it usually means the person is SHOUTING. Generally, we prefer the soft tones, but there are times when you might use upper case. For example, when something is funny, you might say "lol nickname" but if it was a bit more funny than usual, you might say "LOL nickname".

Sofa, so true...and in your case, we might even see a <BSEG> pop up occassionally, eh?    ;-)