* Gold Star Award
May/June/July 2005



NevilShute says:

It's a great honour to be awarded the "biggest blabbermouth" award by #Beginner. I couldn't have done it without the help of all the people going out for coffee or food :) Just a little bit of log:

<they> brb, coffee
<me> hb they :)
<they> back
<me> wb they :)

There's two memorable lines from me already :)

Seriously though, <they> are many nice people from all over the world. Many, like <me>, join #Beginner the first time they get on IRC and learn from the great people there. Some, like <me>, leave IRC for a time for reasons varying from bill collectors (gads, my phone bill five years ago!) to just no time.

So after five years I downloaded mIRC and paid a visit to #Beginner again. As the statistics show, I stayed this time :) Made good friends and experienced the fun of helping newcomers to IRC. So I'll dedicate the Gold Star to all the great people in #Beginner, guests and over-paid staff. Without all of you I'd never be able to talk so much, OJ would see to that. Thank you all.

Oh, the picture. Just the most beautiful city in the Netherlands, my home town. If I ever have to leave it I'll emigrate, that's a promise :)

#Beginner, ten years of touching lives around the world. Here's to the next ten.


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