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People representing the variety of ages and occupations of our Ops and Voices

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     This is a collection of the Ops and Voices who make up the #Beginner Help/Chat Channel on the Undernet. We all love to whittle away the hours helping to welcome newcomers to the wild and wacky world of IRC, Internet Relay Chat. #Beginner is a teaching/chat channel, and we delight in watching and helping others learn more about their IRC clients. Thank you for having an interest in the faces and bios behind your favorite nicks. Enjoy your time here as you get to know a little bit more about us, and be sure to come and visit us in #Beginner so that we can learn a little bit more about you. :)

Thumbnail Pictures

     Due to popular demand, we now have a new page, showing thumbnail pictures of all the ops/voices listed to the left. Please note, if you wish to view this page, it may take a minute or two to download, but I think you'll find it will be worth the wait :)

Gallery for previous #Beginner @/+V's & regular visitors

#Beginner Friends - Thumbnails all new per popular request. #Beginner has always been supported behind the scenes by ops who left for various reasons, but have returned to visit. We have many who still consider #Beginner their home, and we are always happy to see them. This section is all-new, and will be reserved for those valued visitors of #Beginner who have continued to give us their support and their help. There are occassions when we have a regular visitor who isn't able to be a member of the #B ranks -- and they may choose to have a spot on this page. Please use this Gallery Form if you would like to be included here.

Gallery Form

     While this gallery is specifically reserved for only the Ops and Voices of #Beginner, we hope that everyone will enjoy their visit here. If you are a member of the #B Ranks, and would like to be listed here, please Fill out the Gallery Form. To have your picture shown, please mail it here. Thanks Everyone!

Motto -- Words to Live By

     We, here in #Beginner, are a team....much like a family. We've learned that it takes teamwork, cooperation, give & take, always keeping in mind our goal -- that of being the *Best* Help/Chat Channel on the Undernet. We hope you will enjoy learning more about us -- much as we've enjoyed leaning more about you.

     To quote something from one of our favorite sources of inspiration, Team Geese: "It is a 'Reward', a 'Challenge', and a 'Privilege' to be a contributing member of a 'Team'."

Go Team!