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The Latest Updates ...

For those that like to keep abreast of #Beginner Happenings, listed below you'll see many of the changes that have taken place over the past year as we've added in new faces to our #Beginner Ranks. We have GREAT ops who faithfully monitor the channel and help to make it the *Best* Help/Chat Channel on the Undernet!.

Gallery Changes

ball  September - Modification: Keri New Pic!
ball  September - New: Nonechck 
ball  September - Modification: Dark_Flame 
ball  September - Modification: jm New Pic!
ball  September - Modification: af9c 
ball  August - New: jm 
ball  August - New: DarkFlame New Pic!
ball  August - Modification: Willow 
ball  August - Modification: Zyzzyx New Pic!
ball  August - Modification: Frito 
ball  June - Modification: GOLF3R New Pic!
ball  February - Modification: Narada New Pic!
ball  January - New: Af9c New!
ball  January - New: Toon54 New!
ball  January - Modification: Mokie Welcome Back!
ball  January - New: Varo New!
ball  December - Modification: Ivette Welcome Back!
ball  December - Modification: Sungoddess
ball  December - New: Kanne
ball  October - New: Mallows New Pic!
ball  October - New: Leeanne
ball  August - New: Fire|ight
ball  August - Modification: Zyzzyx New Pic!
ball  August - New: Lumina41 New Pic!
ball  August - Modification: Ashnot
ball  June - New: Citybear Pic!
ball  May - Modification: AngelJoy New Pic!
ball  May - Modification: TuxSurfer New Pic!
ball  April - New: Mallows
ball  February - Modification: AlleyC New Pic!
ball  February - Modification: Arpeggio New Pic!
ball  February - Modification: Dingo New Pic!
ball  January - New: Respect-U Pic!
ball  January - New: Pengy Pic!
ball  January - New: Respect-U
ball  January - Modification: MrDragon New Pic!
ball  January - Modification: Dingo New Pic!
ball  December - New: Boyrwoof New Pic!
ball  December - Modification: InfraWiz New Pic!
ball  October - New: TuxSurfer
ball  October - Modification: PapaJohn New Pic!
ball  October - Modification: Fraggle New Pic!
ball  October - Modification: AngelJoy New Pic!
ball  September - Modification: Sungoddess New Pic!
ball  September - New: Athelas New Pic!
ball  September - New: Zyzzyx 
ball  September - New: Stargirl New Pic!
ball  September - New: Fraggle 
ball  September - New: Louiecat 
ball  September - New: Raeden New Pic!
ball  September - New: Arpeggio 
ball  September - New: Wolfdove New Pic!
ball  September - Modification: Narada 
ball  September - Modification: HIGHLIFE 
ball  June - New: FaTu New Pic!
ball  June - New: Bezempje Pic!
ball  June - New: Up
ball  June - New: Violinist
ball  June - New: Kloon
ball  June - New: Wampie
ball  June - New: TYR23 Pic!
ball  June - Modification: Bossmom
ball  June - Modification: MrDisney
ball  April - Modification: Phew Pic!
ball  April - Modification: Uninor
ball  March - Addition: Lluna
ball  March - Addition: Kat Pic!
ball  March - Addition: Issapurpl Pic!
ball  Feb - Addition: BULL Pic!
ball  Feb - Addition: Angel-Joy Pic!
ball  Feb - Modification: Kradangel New Pic!
ball  Feb - Modification: Mrswidgit New Pic!
ball  Jan - Addition: Athelas
ball  Jan - Modification: Hobbit
ball  Jan - Addition: Pleaser
ball  Jan - Addition: Kradangel
ball  Dec - Addition: Weta
ball  Nov - Modification: Ausnut
ball  Nov - Modification: Enterprise
ball  Oct - Addition: GigaByte
ball  Oct - Addition: G0LF3R
ball  Oct - Modification: Kermit
ball  Sep - Modification: FaTu NEW pic!
ball  Aug - Modification: Nudzbro NEW pic!
ball  Jul - Addition: Lolip0p New +V
ball  Jul - Modification: LazyCarot
ball  Jul - Modification: Mer1in NEW pic!
ball  Jul - Modification: Krae
ball  Jul - Modification: MrWombat NEW pic!
ball  Jun - Modification: LazyCarot NEW pic!
ball  Jun - Modification: Nutyputy
ball  Jun - Modification: Owl NEW pic!
ball  Jun - Modification: DM99 NEW pic!
ball  Jun - Modification: Hobbit^
ball  Jun - Modification: Fruitbat`
ball  Mar - Modification: Alley^ NEW pic!
ball  Mar - Modification: mafkees NEW pic!
ball  Mar - Modification: titch^ NEW pic!
ball  Mar - Addition: joeracer *NEW +V*
ball  Mar - Addition: Stark1 *NEW +V*
ball  Mar - Addition: NiekeWing *NEW +V*
ball  Feb - Addition: Merick *NEW +V*
ball  Feb - Addition: Kermit *NEW +V*
ball  Dec - Addition: Easter *NEW +V*
ball  Dec - Addition: Titch^ *NEW +V*
ball  Nov - Addition: Tyvek *NEW +V*
ball  Nov - Addition: A-hero *NEW +V*
ball  Nov - Addition: Deacon *NEW +V*
ball  Nov - Modified: Owl *NEW Pic!*
ball  Nov - Modified: Uninor *NEW Pic!*
ball  Nov - Modified: Shlapstik *NEW Pic!*
ball  Oct - Addition: Rise
ball  Oct - Addition: Raphsody  *Returning Op - Welcome Back!*
ball  Oct - Modified: Lilbug
ball  Sep - Addition: Nudzbro  *NEW +V*
ball  Sep - Addition: Ausnut  *NEW +V*
ball  Aug - Lots of Modifications -- too numerous to remember ;)
ball  Aug - Modification: CBear (New Pic!)
ball  Aug - Addition: As400Prg
ball  Aug - Addition: Dutchman
ball  Aug - Addition: ShlapStik
ball  Aug - Addition: MsSmiley
ball  Aug - Addition: Widgit
ball  Aug - Addition: Rasor
ball  Aug - Addition: InFrA-WiZ
ball  Apr - Modification: Daffy (New Pic!)
ball  Feb - Modification: Cbear^ (New Pic!)
ball  Jan - Modification: Bubbacam
ball  Jan - Addition: Pywakit (New!)
ball  Jan - Addition: Cree8ive (New!)
ball  Jan - Addition: Ivette01 (New!)
ball  Jan - Modification: Energy^ (New Pic!)
ball  Jan - Modification: Marbles^ (New Pic!)
ball  Nov - Addition: Andy31
ball  Nov - Addition: Mrswidgit
ball  Nov - Addition: Uninor
ball  Nov - Modification: Alicat (New Pic!)
ball  Nov - Modification: Anabanana (New Pic!)
ball  Nov - Modification: Bubba-cam (New Pic!)
ball  Nov - Modification: Dr-Mirc
ball  Nov - Modification: Highlife
ball  Nov - Modification: HOBBIT (New Pic!)
ball  Nov - Modification: Whirlwind
ball  Aug - Addition: Wehost
ball  Aug - Addition: MoKie
ball  Aug - Modification: Mokie (New Pics!)
ball  Aug - Modification: Keri
ball  Aug - Modification: Alley^ (New Pics!)
ball  Aug - Modification: Magnum101
ball  Aug - Modification: Lucky101
ball  Aug - Modification: Sofaspud (New Pics!)
ball  Aug - Modification: Owl
ball  Aug - Modification: DaJudge
ball  Jul - Addition: Music101
ball  Jul - Addition: Toreen
ball  Jul - Addition: Vidwoman
ball  Jul - Addition: Whirlwind
ball  Jul - Modification: CoDriver (new pic!!)
ball  Jul - Modification: Krae
ball  Jul - Modification: Mer1in (new pic!!)
ball  Jul - Modification: MrDisney
ball  Jul - Modification: Ice^Man (new pic!!)
ball  Jul - Modification: Daffy
ball  Jul - Modification: ^Qwark^
ball  Jul - Modification: Steveeee
ball  Jul - Modification: Hobbit^
ball  Jul - Modification: Mafkees
ball  Jul - Modification: Alley^
ball  Jul - Modification: Sofaspud
ball  Jul - Modification: bossmom
ball  Jul - Modification: Energy
ball  Jul - Modification: Marbles
ball  Jul - Modification: Lucky101
ball  Jun - Addition: Owl
ball  Jun - Modification: Owl (new pic!!)
ball  Jun - Modification: Taisa (new pic!!)
ball  Jun - Modification: Marbles (new pic!!)
ball  Jun - Modification: Rylz (new pic!!)
ball  Jun - Addition: Jasmine
ball  Jun - Modification: Lucky101
ball  Jun - Addition: Ice^man
ball  May - Addition: CoDriver
ball  May - Addition: Enterpris
ball  Apr - Addition: cbear
ball  Apr - Modification: nutyputy (new pic!)
ball  Mar - Complete Renovation: All-New Gallery!!
ball  Mar - Complete Renovation: The entire #Beginner Homepage has been moved
     and updates in progress.
ball  Mar - Addition: mafkees
ball  Mar - Addition: |deacon|
ball  Mar - Addition: Oddjob^
ball  Mar - Modification: Frito (new pic!)
ball  Mar - Modification: SthrnLady (new pic!)
ball  Mar - Modification: Keri (new pic!)
ball   Jan - BIG Change!: All-New Thumbnail Page
     -- One page showing thumbnail pics of about 70+ #Beginner Ops/+V's
ball   Jan - Multiple Page Additions:
     --An additional comment was added to over 45 Op/V pages listing
     reasons as to why or how they decided which nickname best fit them.
ball  Jan - Addition: dartman
ball  Jan - Addition: Alicat
ball  Jan - Addition: Jimmymac1
ball  Jan - Addition: DM99
ball  Jan - Addition: Cipro
ball  Jan - Modification: Magnum101 (new pic!)
ball  Jan - Modification: Lucky101 (new pic!)
ball  Jan - Modification: Lilbug (new pic!)
ball  Jan - Modification: Rylz (new pic!)
ball  Jan - Modification: Taisa (new pic!)
ball  Jan - Modification: Bechcmbr (new pic!)
ball  Jan - Modification: Braindent (new pic!)
ball  Jan - Modification: Led-Zep (new pic!)
ball  Jan - Modification: Sunny1 (new pic!)

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